Hans Wilhelm Von Suckow (Major Von Suckow) Born August 28th of 1797 in the Castle of Warin,in the Duchy of Macklenburg - Prussia. - Died in Rio de Janeiro , on January 7 of 1869. Major Von Suckow grew up in a Military Family that dedicated themselves to the service of the Prussian Army and the Breed and Creation of the Mecklenburgers Horses (Later imported by the Imperial Government of Brazil.), Mecklenburgers prior to World War II were all-purpose utility horses. Individual sires, families or breeders might specialize, but the most economically efficient horse was one that had many uses. Primarily, these uses were cavalry, transport, and agriculture. Major Von Suckow was a German Military and Entrepreneur. In 1815, at the age of 18 years old, he participated in the Battle of Waterloo , where he led a picket spear-men battalion with the forces of Marshal Blücher.

Retired lieutenant of the Prussian Army , emigrated to Brazil in 1824 where he served in the Foreign Corps and the Second Battalion Grenadier, based in Sao Bento Monastery in Rio de Janeiro. - Corpo de Estrangeiros (Foreign body was one division of the Brazilian Army , created in January 18 of 1822 , initially made ​​up of immigrants Swiss of Nova Friburgo and foreigners passing through or living in Rio de Janeiro . It was later reinforced by Germans Mercenaries recruited by Major Georg Anton von Schaffer in Europe.) ,Then he was retired from the Foreign Corps as a Major.

Involved in a duel, was arrested for several months. Released, he was promoted to Major and due to his attributes, he was transferred to the General Staff of the Imperial Army, acting as a military instructor. He adopted the name João Guilherme de Suckow he translated his own name into Portuguese Hans= João and Wilhelm=Guilherme, which means John William of Suckow.

After retirement he remained in Rio, set in Largo de São Francisco , where he began and then monopolized the transportation service in the area with rental carriages. Also imported, manufactured and rented the most luxurious and finest cars for weddings, funerals, baptisms and other solemn occasions, becoming known as the "Major of Cars".

Major Von Suckow became a farmer and entrepreneur. In 1930 began to engage in the business of carriages and horses, set on Lake St. Francis (RJ) Lago São Francisco (RJ) known as "The Major of Cars."  was inspiring and active participant in the founding of the first three Horse Clubs in Rio de Janeiro: -The Racing Club in 1847 -The Jockey Club Fluminense in 1854 -The Jockey Club in 1868 died in Rio de Janeiro, on January 7th of 1869, without watching the first race at the Jockey Club, the most important and enduring of his creations. To date, a week before the Grand Prix Brazil, it is held at the Jockey Club a race in honor of Major, the Grand Prix Major Suckow.

He married in 1829 with Ana Luisa Motas with whom he had six children.

  • Leopoldine (1830-1898)
  • Jacintha (1832- ??)
  • Carlos Wilhelm (1834-1859)
  • Amalia (1836- ??)
  • Gustavo Adolpho (9/03 / 1839-25 / 12/1915)
  • Ludwig (1845-1878)